About Us

LYNXEXPRO was founded in 2013 with a serious commitment to deliver its business solutions to the customers around the world. It works in collaboration with Turkish manufacturers to satisfy the need for all packaging related machines and equipements.

The willingness to continuous development moved ahead with the idea of involving other activities and services which include production project study, market research, negotiation support and many other additional support services. Committed to the standards of quality, LYNXEXPRO has expanded beyond the borders of Turkey to become a global brand that exports machines to different world countries today.

Nowadays, it is no way that a means of production makes ( or rather remakes) a product at the product line thousands of times. We came to the customized product era. The customer wants a product which is entirely tailor-made and does not look like his neighbor’s.

LYNXEXPRO commits to meeting this requirement of unique and customized product by keeping equivalent costs, despite the fact of low production volumes. This is the reason behind one of the challenges of the company that is to succeed in linking the customer’s needs to the production mechanism. This link cannot be realized of course without integrating the inputs of new technologies.

Our shared values guide our actions and describe how we behave in adequacy with our vision:

✓ Efficiency of always maintaining the highest standards in all situations.
✓ Flexibility in terms of anticioating needs and adapting to their changeability.
✓ Leadership steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations.
✓Quality:”Smart Business Solutions” is the slogan of the company for which we struggle to maintain it while deivering our products/services.

These are the principles on which we have built our reputation and our results.
We can manage, rationalize and simplify the complexity of services in an environment which is heavily diversified and which is in a state of continual evolution.